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Joint Hypermobility Syndrome

Professor Jaime F. Bravo , MD

Prof. Bravo is a member of an International Group of 83 physicians from 14 countries, all with different specialization areas, but all interested in the Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.  Their objective is to update and/or reclassify the diagnostic criteria and treatment of the different Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes.  During the year, the work was divided into groups according to each member’s specialization area.  The Professor is part of the group revising the Beighton Criteria.  They held conference calls during the year and the preliminary results were exposed in the meeting that took place in New York City at the beginning og May, 2016.

In this opportunity, the professor also presented a poster entitled “Dysautonomia and Osteoporosis in 2300 EDS-III patients, as defined by the Brighton Criteria”.  This study highlights the fact that 51% of patients are not hyperlax (Beighton Score less or equal to 3, ot of a total of 9); in patients less than 30 years old, Dysautonomia was found in 84% of women and in 61% of men; Osteoporosis, in this same age group, was found in 9.8% of women and in 8.6% of men, and Osteopenia in about 40% in box sexes.  SEE POSTER.

Prof. Bravo, has now been for some time speaking about the importance that many of the EDS-III patients are necessarily hyperlax.  He came to this conclusion some time ago, and presented it in the First International Ehlers-Danlos Symposium, held in Ghant, Belgium, in September 2012



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