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Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome tipe III

(Joint Hypermobility Syndrome)  

Professor Jaime F. Bravo , MD





Need to subscribe to the web page in order to continue receiving my valuable medical advice

As a result of the increasing number of emails received, asking for medical and/or professional advice regarding my Rheumatological practice, which demands time, effort and expertise, we have decided to open subscriptions to my web page. The subscription will assure you of a prompt and dedicated response to all your rheumatology concerns, especially in the areas of Joint Hypermobility, Dysautonomia (Chronic Fatigue), and Osteoporosis. This subscription will last for one full year, and will be of US$200, and can be paid with the same mechanisms as the donations. All donors are eligible for free advice during one full year.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: When sending an email, please use the word SUBSCRIPTION in the email’s subject, and include your city and country of origin when sending an email in order for the most precise and appropriate answer to your problem.

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