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Joint Hypermobility Syndrome

Professor Jaime F. Bravo , MD

Typical Joint Hypermobility Syndrome facies

  • Triangular face (pointed mandible).
  • Atypical ears: prominent “winged”; small, round and without lobule; lobule attached to the face; Different shapes: kidney shape, “Dumbo” ears, pointed “Mr. Spock” like ears, soft ears, bent helix ears; question mark shape ears; operated ears; etc.
  • Atypical nose: nodule between the bone and the cartilage; deviated nasal septum; operated nose.
  • Light blue sclera, more noticeable in women.
  • Antimongoloid slan

Note:  The JHS typical facial appearance was first described in the literature by Jaime F. Bravo, MD, both in Reumatologia 2004;20(1):24-30, and Arthritis Rheum 2006;54:515-23.

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